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Joint Agency Coordination Centre

Joint Agency Coordination Centre


Bathymetric Survey Update

MH370 Search Area Map—Released 17 September 2014

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Over 106,000 square kilometres of the ocean floor of the search area have been mapped and analysed. The data gathered has been provided by the survey ships the Fugro Equator and the Zhu Kezhen. It is then processed into a seamless usable form by Geoscience Australia to support a safe and effective underwater search. The priorities for the search will continue to be reviewed and will change over time.

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Three-dimensional model of the seafloor terrain

This three-dimensional model of the seafloor terrain is based on sparse pre-existing data, some of which has been derived from satellite gravity measurements and some from ocean passage soundings. The bathymetric survey currently underway is focused on gathering more detailed and higher resolution data in preparation for the deepwater search phase.